Conference Rooms

There is a time and place for virtual conferences.

As convenient as those can be, there is power in being in physical proximity to clients, colleagues, and professional partners when making important decisions.

Image of Conference Room in Land O Lakes

Advantages of Meeting In Person

It is more difficult to pick up body language through a screen.

And there is something to be said about getting up, dressing up, and showing up.

Do you want important decisions being made with the distractions your prospects will inevitably encounter from all virtually being in different locations?

Finding a space that fits your particular needs and desires is not easily found.

Image of an Available Conference Room to Lease in Land O Lakes

Conference Rooms at Copperstone

Goal setting, collaborating, and working out details should have all your attention when taking time for an important conference that is scheduled with key decision makers.

Copperstone provides the necessary environment for productive and successful conference room meetings.

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3 Simple Steps to Success

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"We looked at many places and found this place to have the best prices and facilities. Always clean and kept in great condition. The staff is excellent."

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